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All Weather Tires in New Westminister, BC

All Weather Tires

All-weather tires are the best choice for drivers who want the savings and convenience of all-season tires, without compromising winter performance, and Foreman’s Integra is the best place to find them in New Westminister, BC.

Read on to learn more about the basics and benefits of all-weather tires for drivers in New Westminister, or call (604)503-2717 to book a free all-weather tire consultation with our team.

All-weather tires vs. All-seasons: What is the difference?

All-weather tires are perhaps best understood as a middle ground between all-season tires and snow tires, offering much of the same warm weather performance as all-seasons, but with greatly enhanced winter capabilities.

Despite their name, “all-season” tires are only meant for spring, summer, and fall, as they lack the severe snow service designation, and their rubber compounds stiffen in temperatures below7°C. Because they are better suited to warm weather, all-seasons are often referred to as “three-season” tires.

In contrast, all-weather tires are made with cold-weather performance in mind, designed with snow-focused features such as:

  • Variable condition treads
  • Multidirectional siping to add traction
  • Snow claws for added grip on ice and in deep snow
  • Wide tread footprints to increase surface traction
  • Wide, sweeping chutes and circumferential grooves to stop hydroplaning
  • Unique rubber compounds that adapt to different temperatures

Thanks to these unique winter performance features, most all-weather tires have earned the Severe Snow Service designation from the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada, which can be verified by checking the sidewall for the “Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake” (3PMSF) symbol. What is more, certain all-weather tires actually outperformed some dedicated snow tires in Consumer Reports track tests.

All-weather tire advantages: five benefits of “variable condition” tires

As the only true option for all-season driving, all-weather tires offer a number of unique advantages, including:

  1. Halving your annual tire costs, since you can drive safely year-round on a single set
  2. Reducing tire service costs, since you will not pay for changeover until your tires expire
  3. Saving storage space (and fees), since your tires stay on your car through all four seasons
  4. Peace of mind, since you know your tires will perform in any weather
  5. Durability, with all-weather tires boasting some of the best treadwear warranties in the industry

What are the best all-weather tires for SUVs, cars, and light trucks?

Just as every driver is different, so too is every all-weather tire design. There is really no universal “best” option, even for specific vehicles. But there is a “best” all-weather tire for you, and we can help you find it!

We carry all the top-rated all-weather tires for all vehicles, and Foreman’s Integra Tire Auto Centre is an official retailer for all of the top all-weather tire brands, including:

  • Goodyear
  • Michelin
  • Toyo
  • Nokian, and more

Contact Foreman’s Integra Tire Auto Centre to schedule a free needs assessment and get access to the one of the largest all-weather tire catalogs in New Westminister, BC.

Explore top rated all-weather tires: Call Foreman’s

Since 1979, decades before the first all-weather tires came to market, the team at Foreman’s Integra Tire Auto Centre has been helping New Westminister drivers find the best fit for their unique vehicle, budget, and local weather conditions, and we can do the same for you.

Today, we are proud to carry all the top-rated all-weather tire products, including:

  • The Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady
  • The Michelin CrossClimate+
  • The Toyo Celsius, and more

If you need help determining which all-weather tires are best for you, our team is standing by. After a brief needs assessment, during which we will identify your driving demands and feature wish list, we will create a shortlist of all-weather tire recommendations, then explain the pros and cons of each.

We also provide tire changeover, storage, repair, and maintenance services, and we work with all vehicles, so you can cross off your entire to-do list with a single stop.

To start exploring all the best all-weather tires for SUVs, cars, and light trucks, call (604)503-2717 or book an appointment online.

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