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Car Battery Services – Burnaby, BC

If you’ve found yourself searching for “car battery service near me in Burnaby” or “truck battery service near me in Burnaby,” there’s no need to continue your search. We have exactly what you’re looking for. Foreman’s Integra Tire Auto Centre is here to make sure that the battery in your car and all of the other components of your vehicle are in good working order.  We want to make sure that you and your family can travel to your destinations in a manner that is both safe and time effective.

Battery Service

How long do the batteries in cars typically last?

In Canada, the average life expectancy of a car battery is between three and five years. As a result of this, it is imperative for you to be aware of how old your battery is and to pay attention to the warning signs – slow engine turn over, car won’t start but dashboard lights work, clicking when turning the key, to name a few. Please contact Foreman’s Integra Tire AutoCentre if the age of the battery in your vehicle is greater than three years.

Why can’t get my car to start when it’s cold outside?

Since the chemical reaction in your battery that generates power is slowed down during the winter, the amount of power required to start your vehicle is increased. An older battery will struggle to hold a charge in temperatures that are extremely cold or extremely hot, but a modern battery can easily handle these conditions. If you’re having trouble starting your car in the winter, head on over to Foreman’s Auto. Doing so will save you the time that would have been spent searching for “car battery replacement near me”.

When I start my car, why do I hear a clicking sound?

In order to get the engine started, you have to turn the key in the ignition, which turns on the starter solenoid. When the battery dies, a weaker electrical current is sent to the starter, making this task more difficult than it would have been otherwise. The starter may be receiving insufficient or reduced power from the battery, which frequently results in a clicking sound.

Why are my car’s headlights so dim?

The battery supplies the electricity needed to run the various electronic components in your vehicle, such as the lights, the radio, and the on-board computer. Devices will continue to operate, albeit at a reduced level of performance if the battery dies. The life of your car’s battery will be drastically shortened if you insist on charging devices like your phone while you’re on the road. Also, ensure to turn your headlights off if they do not do so automatically.

Come to Foreman’s Integra Auto Tire Centre for all your car batteries in Burnaby, BC

Search no further for your car battery needs. If you’re concerned about your car battery, Foreman’s Integra Auto Tire Centre is ready and available to inspect your battery. To book an appointment or for any other service, call us at 604-503-2717 or visit our website to learn more about our car battery service and other offerings

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