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Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance at Foreman’s

After purchasing your hybrid vehicle, you have probably considered forgetting everything you know about car maintenance, right? Well, you would only be partially correct to do that. There are many similarities, such as the go pedal is on the right, and the stop pedal is on the left. There are also many differences. For instance, now you need to worry about inverter tune-ups. What is an inverter and how does one tune it up? Contact the hybrid specialists at Foreman’s Integra Tire Auto Centre in Surrey to book your inverter tune-up, or any other hybrid vehicle services, such as:

Hybrid Battery Maintenance

Hybrid batteries last much longer than regular car batteries, often with life expectancies of five to ten years, depending on the manufacturer. There are two steps you can take to extend the life of your battery.

  1. Park indoors or in the shade to protect the battery from extreme weather.
  2. Have a hybrid specialist routinely clean your battery of debris to help prevent corrosion.

When it’s time to replace your battery, come see the hybrid specialists at Foreman’s Integra Tire Auto Centre for expert advice on your car’s next battery.

Inverter Tune-Up

Your inverter converts the direct current energy conducted by your braking system into alternating current energy to power your car. This process generates a lot of heat, so the inverter uses coolant to combat that heat which will need to be monitored and replaced occasionally. Contact our experts to get your hybrid in for an inverter tune up.

Transmission Servicing

Unlink a standard vehicle, there are many types of hybrid transmissions that collect and process energy differently. When you need a hybrid car repair shop that you can trust with your hybrid transmission, contact the specialists at Foreman’s Integra Tire Auto Centre in Surrey.

Tire Services

Like any vehicle, your tires will require regular servicing in varying degrees over their lifespan. When your tires need some TLC, our specialists will keep them operating at their best by providing such services as:

  • Tire Rotation – Routine tire rotations will encourage even tire wear extending the longevity of your tires and preserving the overall good health of your car.
  • Wheel Alignment – Wheels that aren’t in alignment can negatively impact other areas of your vehicle, whether it is a hybrid, electric, or standard. This can include your steering, suspension, and fuel economy.
  • Replacement – Even with routine maintenance, tires eventually wear out. When that time comes, our tire specialists will be able to recommend the best tires for your vehicle’s performance.
  • Tire Pressure – Low tire pressure can increase stress on your engine, tires, and battery. Checking your tire pressure from time to time is a good habit to get into. It’s a simple task that you can do yourself to ensure you are getting the most out of your car.

If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, don’t worry because at Foreman’s Integra Tire Auto Centre, we’ve got you covered. From tire pressure to battery maintenance and more. Contact us at 604-503-2717 or click to book your hybrid vehicle service today!

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