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Seasonal Tire Storage in Burnaby, B.C.

It’s Almost Time to Swap Your Tires

As the weather continues to get colder and the inevitable snowfall approaches, Foreman’s Integra Tire Surrey is here to remind you to begin making plans to ensure that your vehicle is well equipped for the winter weather.

Equipping your car for the winter weather can involve different tasks depending on your vehicle, but some of the most common winterization tactics include ensuring you have a snowbrush in your vehicle, changing over to anti-freeze windshield washer fluid, and equipping your winter tires.

However, one thing that many people do not consider when putting on their winter tires is where to store their out-of-season tires. Although storing your tires at home is an option, it may prove difficult if you do not have the time or resources to do so. Fortunately, Foreman’s Integra Tire Surrey offers safe, secure seasonal tire storage.

Why Storing Your Tires at Home Can be Difficult

It is common knowledge that not everyone has the ability to store their tires at home, as it takes a reasonable amount of space, optimal storage conditions to ensure the tires do not depreciate, and regular maintenance to do so.

If you do have the extra space to store your tires, either in your garage, basement or storage room, there are tire storage guidelines you must adhere to so that your tires do not depreciate in the off-season.

Some conditions that you must avoid when storing your seasonal tires at home include wet areas; direct heat, sunlight, or chemical exposure; and putting excessive pressure on your tires. Therefore, your tires must be kept in a safe place to ensure that they are viable to use when the time comes.

The Benefits of Storing Your Seasonal Tires with Foreman’s Integra Tire in Burnaby

When you choose to store your out-of-season tires with Foreman’s Integra Tire Langley, we guarantee that your tires are stored in a safe, dry, temperate, and insured location so that your tires will be in the same condition in which you left them.

By choosing to store your seasonal tires with Foreman’s Integra Tire Surrey, we can ensure you that your tires will be stored safely in our dry, temperate, and insured tire storage area, so that they will be in perfect condition when you need them next.

In addition to tire storage, Foreman’s Integra Tire Surrey will also uninstall, clean, transport, and maintain your tires while they are in our facility to guarantee they are free of additional wear, tarnish, cracks, or leaks.

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If you are searching for reasonably priced and trustworthy seasonal tire storage options, we urge you to contact Foreman’s Integra Tire in Burnaby today.

Foreman’s Integra Tire Surrey has a dedicated team of professionals that has been providing exemplary tire services, automotive repair, and vehicle maintenance in Burnaby and the surrounding area for over 40 years. We guarantee that our technicians will exceed your expectations every time.

For more information on the other services we offer, or to book an appointment, contact our experienced team at Foreman’s Integra Tire in Burnaby today.

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